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            fine art and custom murals

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Bear Pie:
Painted in the upper section of a large stairwell, this faux window mural extends the couple's teddy bear themed great room into the upper reaches of the house.

Bear Pie - click to enlarge
My Gym Mural - click to enlarge

My Gym:
As an inspiration to their young clientele, My Gym Inc. hired me to depict their mascot characters doing Alaskan activities on the gym wall.

I was hired by the Alaska Museum of Natural History to produce this purely speculative mural depicting the possible evolution (had their been no eradication of the dinosaurs) of a Troodon into a humanoid-like figure..

Dinosaur Mural - click to enlarge
Castle Mural - click to enlarge

I painted this castle, mountain, fairy and cat for two little girls living on the military base. Each has a flag over her bed with her initial..

Dragon and Wizard:
The owner of this mural asked me to paint a great dragon swirling across her library ceiling.

Wizard Mural - click to enlarge
Wizard Detail - click to enlarge
At the far end of the same room a wizard raises his magical staff in an effort to stave off the attack of the dragon.
I painted this mural on the wall of an exclusive private Porsche garage/workshop. The rich gold paint adds to the allure of this strict replica of the logo.
Porsche Logo - click to enlarge
Powder Room Diva - click to enlarge
Powder Room Diva:
Based loosely on a classical nude painting, the airy light feeling of this bathroom door helps to open an otherwise cramped space.

This mural was designed for a child's room. The title refers to Alligator, Bear and Cat, the three main characters of the scene.

Captain's Cabin
Captain's Cabin:
This is the view out the back windows of a large sailing ship. The scenery and birds are particular to the the far North.

Bear Den:
The Alaska Rock Gym asked me to liven-up their children's play and climbing area with some murals. Here mama bear looks out of an imaginary hole in the den wall.

Bear Den - click to enlarge
Climbing Cubs - click to enlarge
Climbing Cubs:
On this wall of the climbing gym two cubs scramble up the "rock" wall. Of course the black bear is the climber and is on belay."

I painted this kind mother horse looking after her foal as an incentive for my client's 3 year old daughter to sleep in her own room.

Horses - click to enlarge
Sun Bather - click to enlarge
Sun Bather:
This sunbather is painted on the top of a pick-up cab. A treat for truckers and those looking out second story windows.

Birch Window:
Another high stairway faux window mural, these folks were looking for something a little more subtle. Eternal Spring.

Birch Window - click to enlarge
Susitna - click to enlarge
Mount Susitna in Autumn: The birches are golden and their bark is peeling as the geese are flying, well, North.

Dog Box:
The tailgate of my own business truck captures the flavor of my Alaskan home and the whimsy of my artwork while advertising my website.

Dragon Truck:
This plow truck looks fierce enough to do any job. If you can't push it, melt it.

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