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            fine art and custom murals

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Puss: click to enlarge

This spruce burl carving was inspired by my cat's mixed emotions.
Owl: click to enlarge

I carved this owl from a cross section of a cottonwood tree which fell down a few winters ago.
Suicide Poster: click to enlarge

Suicide Poster
This poster is the result of my collaborative project with a psychiatric therapist in Anchorage.
Suicide Council Logo: click to enlarge

Suicide Council Logo
I designed this logo for the Suicide Prevention Council in Alaska. The three swans represent, healing, rebirth and hope.
Dragon Carving: click to enlarge

Dragon Carving
I carved the end beam of this cabin's shed roof with a dragon to greet weary travelers and rogue bears.
Frame Raising: click to enlarge

Frame Raising
This special limited edition print of 50 is from my original pen and ink drawing. The whole edition was given to individuals and families who helped us with building our house.
Lion Hearted Sheep: click to enlarge

Lion Hearted Sheep
I carved this wild creature out of an old willow rootstock, adding a protruding moose tooth to emphasise its underbite.
Deep Sea Moose: click to enlarge

Deep Sea Moose
My first in a series of carved Krumholz creatures, this moose evolved from a squid-like alder rootstock we pulled up from our sauna building site..
Dream Catch and Releaser: click to enlarge

Dream Catch and Releaser
Building on the concept of Native American dream catchers, I began to see the dreams flowing both ways. These Copper River Salmon represent both the realised and the lost dreams of Cordova fishermen.
T-Shirt Designs
Kids' Orienteering T-Shirt: click to enlarge

Kids' Orienteering T-Shirt
I've designed three different t-shirts for Arctic Orienteering. Here's the latest.