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            fine art and custom murals

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Look In:
This door was designed for an Alaskan bachelor's guest cabin. This is the outside of the door with a wishful view of the illicit activities inside.

Look In
Look Out:
This is the inside view of the same cabin door. It depicts a not altogether unlikely view of the goings on outside.

Craning To See Out:
Here, rather than struggle against it, II chose to work with the six panel door design by creating a faux stone enclosure for these silly sandhill cranes.

Rave In:
The reverse side of this door shows a more festive group of birds. These ravens see the wall as a playground, rather than a fortress, and they frolic in and out through the holes.
Piece Out:
The title of this piece refers to at least two aspects of the painting. The climber is trying to piece out the moves of the climb and at the same time, the raven is pulling out the climber's piece of protection.
In Peace:
The opposite side of the door added the feel of a Secret Garden to an eleven year old girl's room. In order to enhance the dream-like feel, I chose to use a more impressionistic style on the whole door.
Who Let the Cat Out?:
The owners of this house have two very troublesome black cats. As the couple worked on the house, their cats ran up and down the ladders, leaping onto second story windowsills and creating a din.
This Little Piggy Went Out:
This door was created for a couple renting a house while looking for their own property and home. While it embodied their desires to escape to their own turf, it also added an element of fun to the rental.

Drag In a Circle:
This seven by eight foot mural is painted on the barn doors of an alpine timberframe workshop. It combines the look of post and beam construction with the magic of the surrounding elfinwood wilderness.

Hex Image
The owner of this cabin wanted to have a traditional Amish Hex Symbol painted on his barn doors. We worked together to come up with a design which reflected both the 4 seasons and the dramatic changes in light/dark of his Alaskan home.

Stone Floor:
The owners of this cabin were looking for something to spruce up their OSB (plywood) floor. This faux flagstone paintjob sure did the trick.

For this little boy's room, I painted a blue sky ceiling with a baseball whizzing overhead. I transformed the cabinet door to resemble an open window with one of the neighborhood baseball players reaching up his mit to catch the fly ball.

Dog Box:
The tailgate of my own business truck captures the flavor of my Alaskan home and the whimsy of my artwork while advertising my website.

Dragon Truck:
This plow truck looks fierce enough to do any job. If you can't push it, melt it.

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